This year our theme will be Discovery and Design. Please find below the full programme along with the CPD Development Outcomes.  For more information on CPD please follow this link.

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PRE-CONFERENCE DAY, Caird Hall                                                              
0930 -1645

BSPD Study Day  (6 hours CPD)

1800 - 2100 Council Meeting, Malmaison Hotel


0800 Registration                                (CPD Develoment Outcomes shown in brackets)
0900 Welcome and Introductory Remarks
Professor Jan Clarkson, Chair, Conference Organising Committee & Professor of Clinical Effectiveness, Dundee Dental Hospital & School

THE DESIGN OF INTEGRATED SERVICES                                                    CPD A,B,C,D

  Session Chairs: Professor Jan Clarkson & Dr Kath Blain, Dental Consultant, NHS Tayside
0915 Keynote speech: Improving the mental health and well-being of all Children and Young People – back to the future 2035                                               
  Professor Dame Sue Bailey, Chair of the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition                                                                                                   
1000 Why don't we make our Mental Health as regular as Oral Health checks?
  Tina McGuff, Author and Mental Health Advocate                            
1020 The child, the NHS and charity:  In partnership
  Grant Rodney, Consultant Anaesthetist, NHS Tayside                           
1040 Collaborating with the NHS to the benefit of local children
  David Wood, Chief Executive, Archie Foundation
1100 - 1130 Break - Posters & Exhibition                                         Marryat Hall/Main Hall Rear
1100-1130 Platinum Sponsor Presentation                                                                     Main Hall
  Colin Meadows, Customer Relationship Manager, Wesleyan
1130 Debate, What Can Be Done To Make a Difference?                                   Main Hall
1230 Lunch - Posters & Exhibition                                         Marryat Hall/Main Hall Rear
1245-1330 Sponsor Demonstration                                                                               Ashton Hall
  Flora Couper, Product Specialist, CalCiVis

RESEARCH PRIZE                                                                                CPD A, C Main Hall

Session Chairs: Alex Keightley, Paediatric Dental Consultant, NHS Lothian & Siobhan Lucey, Specialist Lecturer in Paediatric Dentistry, Cork University Dental School & Hospital

1330 R1 The effect of inhalation sedation on reaction times in children, Alexandra Lyne, Guy's and St Thomas' Hospitals, London, UK
  R2 Oral health of five-year-old children from Better Start Bradford, Erin Giles, Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust, UK
  R3 Impact of first permanent molars of poor prognosis: patient and parent perspectives, Greig Taylor, Newcastle University, UK
  R4 The named person dilemma: Sharing 'Wellbeing' concerns by Scottish GDPs, Hannah Collins, Edinburgh Dental Institute, UK
  R5 Comparing safeguarding concerns recorded electronically by dentists and other healthcare professionals, Katherine O'Donnell, University of Leeds, UK
  R6 A survey of final year dental students' awareness and preparedness for DCby1, Emma Morgan, University of Liverpool, UK
1500 - 1530 Break - Posters & Exhibition                                         Marryat Hall/Main Hall Rear

CLINICAL GOVERNANCE PRIZE                                                                        Main Hall

Session Chairs: Jill Phillips, Senior Dental Officer, NHS Forth Valley & Jane Barrell, Senior Dental Officer, NHS Lothian

1530 CG1 Improving correspondence to healthcare professionals following an emergency dental clinic attendance, Cheryl Somani, Barts Health NHS Trust, London, UK
  CG2 Hungry tums and sore gums: dietary advice prior to a general anaesthetic, Grace Holt, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, UK
  CG3 Paediatric dentoalveolar trauma: Improving the referral pathway from hospital to community, Sarah Ainscough, University of Leeds, UK
  CG4 Evaluation of the general anaesthetic service provided by the paediatric dental team, Maalini Patel, Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, UK
  CG5 Body Mass Index recording (BMI) & appropriate dietetic referrals: third cycle audit, Stephanie Azmy, School of Dentistry, University of Manchester, UK
  CG6 Joint service review dental/psychology: Adolescents with high dental fear and anxiety, Hayley Moss, University of Glasgow, UK
1700-1730 AGM
1830-1945 Civic Reception
2000 Pub Quiz - The Quay, City Quay


0730 - 0845  CONNECT Academic Breakfast, Malmaison Hotel         This event is now full
0830 Registration                                                                                                               Foyer
0900 Welcome and introductory remarks                                                             Main Hall
  Liz Roebuck, Vice President, BSPD & Consultant and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer in Paediatric Dentistry, Edinburgh Dental Institute

CLINICAL PRIZE                                                                                                  CPD A,C

Session Chairs: Judith Lopes, Specialist in Paediatric Dentistry, NHS Lothian & Sharmila Surendran, Clinical Lecturer (Post CCST) in Paediatric Dentistry, Edinburgh Dental Institute

0905 C1 Acute onset trismus in a 14 year old, Manal Mohammed, Birmingham Children's Hospital, UK
  C2 Case report of a patient with suspected severe idiopathic gingival hyperplasia, Zoi Tzelepi, Eastman Dental Institute, London, UK
  C3 A rare case of multicentric carpotarsal ostoelysis syndrome - A paediatric dentists' predicament, Saroj Prajapati, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, UK
  C4 Jaw cyst, caries, crowding and severe factor VII deficiency: a multidisciplinary challenge, Sarah-Jane Snape, Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, UK
  C5 VEDs, VWD and ADHD: Multidisciplinary care for a complex child, Ciara Feeney, Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, UK
  C6 A connective tissue enigma in a teenage patient, Judith Humphreys, University of Liverpool, UK

INNOVATION PRIZE                                                                                           CPD A, C

Session Chair: Claire Stevens, President, BSPD and Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry, University Dental Hospital Manchester

1030 Brush DJ - from Idea to Innovation
  Ben Underwood, GDP Derbyshire and Clinical Lead for dental research at RDaSH NHS Foundation Trust.  Developer of Brush DJ
1100 - 1130 Break - Posters & Exhibition                                         Marryat Hall/Main Hall Rear
1100-1130 Platinum Sponsor Presentation                                                                     Main Hall
  Neil McKay, Sales Manager, RIS

POSTER PRIZE                                                                                  CPD A,C     Main Hall

Session Chairs: Jill Phillips & Christine Park, Senior Clinical University Teacher/ Honorary Consultant, University of Glasgow/ NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

1130 PP1 An unusual presentation of bilateral central giant-cell granulomas deteced at Orthodontic assessment, Clare M D Hutchison, Bradford Teaching Hospitals, UK
  PP2 Oral health promotion practices amongst paediatricians and paediatric nurses: A national survey, Queenie Ong, Derbyshire Salaried Primary Care Dental School, UK
  PP3 Inflammatory dentigerous cyst causing displacement of a second premolar into the antrum, Sowmya Simon, St George's Hospital, UK
  PP4 An autoimmune condition presenting with oral manifestations in a sickle cell patient, Veryan Pettigrew, Barts and the London Dental Institute, Barts Health NHS Trust, London, UK
  PP5 Knowledge and barriers of UK school staff in managing avulsed permanent incisors, Jaiminkumar Patel, University of Leeds, UK
  PP6 A case report of Gorlin-Goltz syndrome with known familial inheritance,  Francine Jones, Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, UK

NEW INITIATIVES TO SUPPORT CHILDREN'S HEALTH                                   CPD A, C

Session Chairs: Jill Phillips & Christine Park

1200 MiniMCM - From Bowels to Brushes!
  Urshla Devalia, Consultant Paediatric Dentist and Honorary Clinical Lecturer, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (GOSH) and Eastman Dental Hospital & Institute (EDH, UCLH)
  Strong Teeth - Supporting dental teams to have effective behaviour change conversations with parents of young children
  Peter Day,  Associate Professor and Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry, 
University of Leeds
  Sponsored by:      
  SDCEP Prevention and Management of Dental Caries - in a Nutshell
  Alexander Keightley, Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry, Edinburgh Dental Institute   
1230 - 1330 Lunch - Posters & Exhibition
1230 - 1330 CONNECT Lunch & Learn                                                                                    Room 6
1245 - 1330 Sponsor Demonstration                                                                                    Ashton 1
  John Lightbody, Business Development Manager, Playbrush
1245 - 1330 Sponsor Demonstration                                                                                    Ashton 2
  Kyle Mathewson, Territory Manager, OralB

FiCTION  1 - DESIGN AND DISCOVERY                                          CPD A, C  Main Hall

Session Chairs: Professor Jan Clarkson & Professor Anne Maguire, Professor (Clinical) of Preventive Dentistry, Newcastle University

1330 Dr Andy Hall
  Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Restorative Dentistry
  Exploring the past and contemporary evidence to inform the future
1350 Professor Nicola Innes
  FiCTION Joint Chief Investigator & Clinical Lead for Scotland, University of Dundee 
  Background to FiCTION from the commissioned brief to securing funding and the design considerations
1405 Professor Anne Maguire
  FiCTION Joint Chief Investigator & Clinical Lead for the North-East of England
  Challenges and solutions for the trial team with the setup, recruitment and retention of dental practices, parents and child participants
1420 Emeritus Professor June Nunn
  Chair of the FiCTION Trial Steering Committee
  Role and experience of the Trial Steering Committee providing support to the FiCTION team and independent monitoring for the funder
1430 Dr Anita Belbin
  FiCTION T Trial Dentist, General Dental Practitioner, Anita Belbin Dental Surgery, Thornliebank, Glasgow
  The day to day  experience of a FiCTIONEER working with the trail team, fulfilling trial procedures, recruiting treating and retaining participants
1445 Mr Mark Robertson
  FiCTION Senior Clinical Researcher, University of Dundee
  The FiCTION practice characteristics and child participant demographics
1500 - 1530 Break - Posters & Exhibition

FiCTION 2 - RESULTS OF FiCTION                                                      CPD C   Main Hall

Session Chairs: Professor Jan Clarkson & Professor Anne Maguire

1530 Dr Vicky Ryan & Dr Nina Wilkinson
  FiCTION Statisticians and Research Associates, Newcastle University
  The FiCTION Trial results for the Primary Outcome of pain and infection
1605 Professor Ruth Freeman
  Professor of Dental Public Health Research and Honorary Consultant in Dental Public Health, Dental Hospital & School, University of Dundee
  The measurement and reporting of child and parent related outcomes
1620 Professor Gail Douglas
  FiCTION Joint Chief Investigator & Clinical Lead for Leeds & Sheffield
  The recording of baseline and calculation of the increment of caries in primary teeth and first permanent molars using ICDAS
1635 Summary
1700 Close
1900 BSPD Annual Conference Dinner, Apex Dundee 


0830 Registration                                                                                                               Foyer

FiCTION 3 - RESULTS OF FiCTION CONTINUED                              CPD C   Main Hall

Session Chairs: Professor Nicola Innes, FiCTION Joint Chief Investigator & Clinical Lead for Scotland, University of Dundee & Professor Gail Douglas, FiCTION Joint Chief Investigator & Clinical Lead for Leeds & Sheffield

  Introduction and summary of findings
0930 Professor Nicola Innes
0940 Ms Tara Homer
  Research Associate and Health Economist, Newcastle University
  The collection and evaluation of economic data to evaluate the cost effectiveness of treatment options
  Experience and implications of FiCTiON
0955 Professor Zoe Marshman
  FiCTION Service User Involvement Lead, University of Sheffield
  The views of child participants/guardians and dental professionals
  The implications of FiCTiON
1015 Professor Richard Welbury
  Professor of Paediatric Dentistry, University of Central Lancashire
  The implications of FiCTION for clinical practice
1030 The implications of the FiCTiON ethos beyond the UK: The Dubai Experience
  Dr Iyad Hussein
  Assistant Clinical Professor in Paediatric Dentistry, Hamdan Bin Mohammed College of Dental Medicine, UAE
1045 Summary
1100 - 1130 Break                                                                                                              Marryat Hall

CLOSING SESSION                                                                                CPD C   Main Hall                                                         

Session Chairs: Professor Nicola Innes & Professor Gail Douglas                                                                                                                 

1130 - 1230 Debate                                                                                                                    
  What should be done to make a difference?
1230 - 1245 Launch of BSPD 2019
  Sarah McKaig, Vice President Elect and Chair of BSPD 2019
1245 - 1300 Closing Remarks
  Liz Roebuck, Vice President, BSPD
1300 - 1345 Lunch & Close                                                                                              Stalls Bar
1345 Trainees’ Group Meeting, Marryat Hall
Consultants’ Group Meeting, Ashton Hall

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