Study Day Hosted by the Teachers' Branch

The Study Day hosted by the Teachers' Branch will take place on Tuesday 11 September 2018 at Caird Hall. This is available to book by any delegates who wish to attend.

Please find below the provisional Study Day programme.

0900 Registration & Refreshments                                                                 Marryat Foyer
  CPD A & D, Marryat Hall
0930 Welcome to the BSPD Study Day 2018, Hosted by Teacher’s Branch
Laura Gartshore, Chair of BSPD Teachers’ Branch
  Theme 1 - Understanding the Scope & Impact of Bullying, Harassment & Violence on Children and Their Families, Students, Trainees & Clinicians


Learning Outcomes

Do dentists have a role in the prevention of violence? Lessons from 10 years of Medics against Violence
Christine Goodall, Senior Clinical Lecturer in Oral Surgery, University of Glasgow and

1. Understand and identify ways that they could get involved in violence prevention and raising awareness
2. Be able to identify victims and survivors of domestic abuse and know how they can signpost them towards help
3. Understand the impact of violence and abuse on children and young people and further understand how the development of resilience can help to minimise this impact.

1030 Understanding the complexity of bullying amongst children and developing effective strategies to reduce it
Elizabeth Nassem, Rsearcher and Anti-bullying Consultant, Birmingham City University and Bullied Voices
Learning Outcomes 1. Identify bullying in children and understand why children engage in school bullying
2.Learn how you can support children who are victimised and/or are perceived as ‘bullies,’ and consider pupil-led anti-bullying interventions
3. Understand how you can support an anti-bullying culture and promote healthy relationships amongst children, including those with learning disabilities and mental ill-health
1100 Break                                                                                                            Marryat Foyer
  CPD A&D, Marryat Hall
1115 Make Change in your life. Before your life changes you: Preparing individuals for future practice & helping students in crisis
Neil Nairn, Dental Instructor, University of Glasgow and Patron of the charity 'Touched by suicide'
Learning Outcomes 1. Identify some of the most common causes of stress and mental illness within dentistry
2. Recognise the importance of resilience as a defence mechanism to mental health problems
3. Explore options to minimise stress and introduce coping strategies for students
1145 #HammerItOut; Changing Culture in the NHS
Simon Fleming, Trauma and Orthopaedic Registrar, London (@OrthopodReg)
Learning Outcomes 1. Understand how to create a culture in healthcare free from bullying, harassment and undermining
2. Understand and raise awareness of the extent of the problem of negative workplace behaviours in the NHS
3. Be able to express ideas on how one can change culture in healthcare
1215 So long suckers! Little tips for big sips: keeping it simple and getting great results for open cup sipping for good oral health
Sara Keel, Founder of Babycup First Cups
1230 Lunch & Undergraduate Poster Prize                        Upper Foyer Bar & Main Hall
  Theme 2 - Consent & Communication                                  CPD A&D, Marryat Hall
1330 Consent and Montgomery Three Years On: Where Are We Now?
Lauren Sutherland QC,
Learning Outcomes 1. Understand the changes made by the Supreme Court in the UK law on consent of the competent patient post-Montgomery
2. Understand the role of the patient, and the clinician, in a patient-centred test on information disclosure & consider how to apply the Montgomery test in practice
3. Understand the role of the GMC and GDC Guidance following the Montgomery decision & the implications for clinicians managing child patients
1415 A British Sign Language Workshop for Paediatric Dentists
Liam McMulkin, University of Dundee & Deaflinks Tayside
Learning Outcomes 1. Improve deaf awareness and communication skills
2. Consider how best to communicate with deaf people
3. Learn some basic British Sign Language, and some dental-related signs to aid delivery of dentistry to children (supported after the workshop with online learning materials available to study day delegates)
1530 Break
  Theme 3 - Discovery & Design in Dental Education                CPD D, Marryat Hall
1545 Curricula Development & Innovation in Pediatric Dentistry: Open Forum & Panel Discussion
Speakers include:
Siobhán Lucey, University College Cork
Clement Seeballuck, University of Dundee
Fiona Noble, Charles Clifford Dental Hospital, Sheffield
Greig Taylor, Newcastle University
Learning Outcomes Delegates will hear the views of those involved in designing and delivering the teaching of Paediatric Dentistry at their own units. Delegates will be invited to participate in an open forum to discuss the barriers and enablers for developing a strategy for implementing change, at a time of widespread curricula reform and development in undergraduate and postgraduate Paediatric Dentistry.
1645 Closing remarks & feedback

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